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Workshop in the bamboo grove

It all began like this: sweeping and cleaning a nearby bamboo grove with friends; enjoying the pleasure of staying outdoors surrounded by plants and by all kinds of birds which populate these evergreen woods where they find shelter.

And when such pleasure overturned things – our spare time became that between a ramble in the forest and a visit to the laboratory that we had meanwhile set up – we felt that the name of this enterprise had to honor the Bambuseto (the bamboo grove).

The passion of two artisans by chance lies behind this name, but there is more... As gigantic blades of grass, the bamboo culms rise from a thick underground network of roots. In the same way, from a network of professionals of diverse areas(craftsmen, choreographers, landscape architects) and the interlacing of their trajectories, Bambuseto came to be and continues to grow. 

The creatures of the bamboo grove are natural elements. The creations of Bambuseto are handmade products manufactured with simple tools. 

And the very same hands take care of the bamboo grove from which they obtain the source material by means of a meticulous management that not only prevents the grove from damage, but also improves its life. Natural material that is naturally preserved (0 km policy).

The bamboo culms di bambù used in our products are sold either green, dried, treated or aged.

Bamboo living structureBambuseto designs and produces objects and structures that create and furnish indoor as well as outdoor spaces: from the staging of events to environmental re-qualification, but toys also: obviously all made with bamboo!

Bambuseto organizes recreational, informative and educational activities: courses, seminars, workshops, field stages, didactic events for children and students from elementary schools up to University students, for professionals or simple enthusiasts, in order to promote the constructive, environmental and expressive ecological potentialities of bamboo, particularly with an eye on the Italian situation.

woven structure bamboo struttura intreccio bambùBambuseto offers to collaborate with universities and research centers to promote lab experiments that aim at defining the features and the standards of our bamboo culms and of the building systems and products created with them. It also offers to collaborate with designers (architects, engineers and entrepreneurs) who share with us the same aesthetic and professional purposes.

The bamboo grove and the lab are located in Versilia (in the province of Lucca). The crew is willing to work all over the world.

BBambuseto is part of CasadiPaglia.it cooperative, that deals with the design and construction of buildings by means of straw bales.

Bambuseto is member of the Associazione Italiana Bambù AIB.